What is a Drone?

Switzerland’s scientists have assembled fans to prepare a drone crossing a small space. Geneva Scientists have developed a drone that is capable of coiling their wings during flight. This drone wing will also be crossed by any small place. Scientists say that such drones in the relief and rescue operations in earthquake-like accidents will be crucial.


Researchers from the University of Zurich and EPFL of Switzerland have developed this drone inspired by birds. The biggest feature of this drone is that when it appears in front of a small space in front of it, its wings will be assembled across it and then it will come back in normal condition as soon as it gets out.

prepare a drone

Researcher David Falanga said, “If you think of the device, it seems very normal, but it is very special in terms of control system.” Compared to other drones, it is able to cross even smaller places and ensure continuous flight.

This drone is designed to change its shape so that it can change its shape if needed. Initially, it is like the letter ‘x’ of English. In this situation, all its sides will stay at a maximum distance from each other.

If you have come out of a small place, by removing its arms, it will make it like the letter ‘H’ in English. If needed, it will also be able to fly by creating a circular shape. Scientists are working on upgrading it further in the future. Their efforts have been that this drone can also reduce its size from the top and bottom sides.

What is the advantage?

What is the advantage?

Such drones can be very helpful for relief and rescue workers in the state of disaster. Finding people from the debris of collapsed houses in an earthquake or other disaster has always been a challenge. Such small drones will help in gathering information about people buried in debris by reaching complex places.