Mahabharat War / Kurukshetra was fought for 18 days -The battle between Kauravas and Pandavas

Religion desk Karna is one of the main characters of Mahabharata. Karna was the best friend of Duryodhana. Duryodhana decided to fight with Pandavas only on the basis of Karna. Duryodhana knew very well that if Arjun could have a fight, then it is only Karna. But even after the war started in Kauravas and Pandavas, then 10 days later, Karna joined the war. That is, Karna was not in the army of Kauravas for 10 days from the beginning.

Mahabharat War

Why did Karna join in Kurukshetra?

Therefore, Karna did not join the war for 10 days. When the unknown was over, Pandavas came in their true form. All the people who wanted Pandva’s interest gathered in Virat Nagar. All together decided that Pandavas should meet their state again. First of all, King Drupada sent his priest as an ambassador to King Dhritarashtra.


Purohit told Dhritarashtra the whole thing and said that Pandavas have fulfilled exile and unknown. So now let them return their state. After this, Dhritarashtra sent Sanjay as his ambassador. Sanjay told Yudhishtir that – Maharaj Dhritarashtra war wants no peace. Yudhishthira said that we also want peace, but this is possible only when I have a kingdom in Indraprastha.

Shrikrishna said that even if Kauravas will give only five villages to Pandavas, then there will be no war. After this Sanjay came to Hastinapur with the message of Pandavas. The message conveyed to Sanjay in a public meeting, Dhritarashtra, Bhishma, Dronacharya, Krupacharya etc. supported it, but Karna and Duryodhana disagreed the message of the Pandavas.


When Dhritarashtra was explaining Duryodhana, only then, the Karna began to say things in a big meeting. Upon hearing Karna’s words, Bhishma Pitamah reprimanded him. Karna also got angry after listening to Bhishma’s father. Karna said that now I will not come to war once you finish, then I will destroy the Pandavas. By saying this, Karna left the meeting.

That was the reason that Karna did not fight the Kurus until he was the commander of Kurus. Only Karna, got injured after Bhishma, came to the ground.