Life in Finland

Finland – For the last 80 years pregnant women are given a gift through Finland government, 95% of the newborns take their first sleep in it.

Life in Finland

  • The Maternity Box is given to women in the fourth month of their pregnancy.
  • Accessories inside the Maternity Box
  • Maternity Box to be given in 1947
  • The Finish Government started the scheme for the poor in 1938
  • After 4 months of pregnancy, this kit is given to the pregnancy women

Decreased child mortality

Helsinki Finland’s government is offering special box gifts to pregnant women for 80 years. This box contains accessories, clothes, sheets, and toys for newborn needs. This box is given to both rich and poor pregnant woman. It is like a starter kit for the upbringing of children. According to a survey, about 95% of newborns in Finland take their first sleep in this box.

 This tradition comes from the equation of equality

First of all, the government started distributing this Maternity Box to low-income families in 1938. Since 1949, women of every class started giving this box. In fact, the government believes that due to this there is a sense of equality among the people. Whether the child is from any background, he takes his first sleep in the box of this cardboard.

The government gives the mother the option to take the box or 140 Euro cash instead. 95% of women usually opt for the box. This Maternity Box is given to pregnant women completed four months. For this, everyone has to go to the municipal clinic.

Decreased child mortality

Finland counted among poor countries around 1930. The infant mortality rate was also 65. I.e. 65 deaths in thousands of children born. But, after a few decades of government’s Maternity Box scheme, things have improved considerably. After 1980, the infant mortality rate in Finland is below 10.

starter kit

The starter kit contains all the things the child needs

The box contains mattress cover, undersheet, blanket, sleeping bag, snowsuits, hats, towels, nail cutters, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, thermometers, nappies, and footwear . Children play a picture book and some other toys to play.Decreased child mortality