Know Facts About Stephen Hawking

He is a human who, despite being disabled, has made himself the world’s most unique scientist, with his confidence. In spite of being physically handicapped, his desire to live has made him a great person, let’s know some interesting facts related to Stephen Hawking.

Facts About Stephen Hawking

  1. Stephen William Hawking born on 8 January 1942 in Oxford, England.
  2. He is a physicist, cosmologist, writer and research director of the Center for Theoretical Cosmology at Cambridge University.
  3. It is a coincidence or something else but it is true that the birth date of great scientist Galileo and Stephen Hawking is the same.
  4. Stephen’s father was a doctor and the mother was a housewife.
  5. His intelligence judged by the fact that people used to call him “Einstein” in his childhood.
  6. Hawking’s IQ 160 is more than any other genius.
  7. Stephen more interested in understanding the internal structure of the clock, so he used to separate all parts of the clock and add them again.
  8. Stephen has 12 Honorary Degrees as well as America’s highest civilian honor.
  9. Although Stephen might be a great scientist, he was a student with fewer marks than his average in his class.
  10. He, very interested in mathematics, even with the help of some people, he made computers from parts of old electronic devices to solve mathematical equations.

Stephen hawking

11 Hawking wanted to acquire a degree in mathematics at Oxford University but at that time the degree of Math not given in the university. So he selected the study of Physics and Chemistry and easily achieved the degree in it.

12 When Hawking 21 years old, he began to feel overwhelmed while landing from the stairs. Upon going to the doctor, the doctor described it as general weakness, but Stephen’s problem increasing day by day, he could not do any work.

Stephen William Hawking

  1. When Hawking showed to a large doctor, he found out that Stephen had a “neuron mortar disease,” a chronic disorder, which had no cure. In this disease, all the organs of the body stop working slowly.
  2. When Doctor had said that Stephen is now just more than 2 years old, then Stephen said that I would not be 2, not 20, for 50 whole years, and today, Stefan is 75 years old on the strength of his confidence.
  3. Hawking has married twice in his life and also has three children.
  4. He awarded a total of 12 shortest physics awards.
  5. Hawking also given the Albert Einstein Award (1978).
  6. His famous findings include the idea of black holes and Hawking radiation.
  7. 19 He is also a famous writer, his book “A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME” has created trekker in the world of science around the world.

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  1. Stephen Hawking divorced from both of his wives, which is due to challenge his existence to God.
  2. 21 Stephen also made a trip to space in 2007, in which he physically “fit”.
  1. Stephen likes reading and writing books quite well. But in his book, he had to face a lot of opposition when he rejected God’s existence.
  2. Stephen Hawking likes all kinds of music, pop, classical and opera, every kind.