Know how many diseases cured by bitter gourd

Bitter gourd may be bitter though it is not less than a tonic for health. Bitter gourd contains such elements that are very beneficial for us. Consumption of it or drinking its juice can end the chances of many diseases. It is also used to make many medicines. Here are the benefits of eating Bitter gourd.

diseases cured by bitter gourd


1. For Diabetic Patients

Drinking bitter gourd juice for patients of type 4 diabetes is very beneficial. If there is no proper amount of insulin, the amount of sugar in the blood increases, which is responsible for type 2 diabetes. Bitter gourd controls blood sugar levels.

Diabetic Patients

In patients with diabetes, add a carrot juice in a quarter cup of sour juice and mix it. This reduces the level of blood sugar gradually. Drinking juice of bitter gourd at morning time proves to be very beneficial. Anti-hyper-classic elements like meperidine and chromatin are found in bitter gourd.

2. Eliminates blood loss

The problem of hemoglobin in women is very common, but consuming iron-rich vegetables is most beneficial. Once a day, eating a bitter gourd or eating it juice can remove the hemoglobin deficiency. Also, blood is also clean.

Eliminates blood loss

3. Protects against cancer

Karela is helpful to fight diseases like cancer. Drinking the juice of its juice and boiling it in water can reduce the chances of a serious disease such as cancer, to a great extent.

Protects against cancer

4. For patients

Stomach patients get relief from drinking juice of two bitter gourds and eating bitter gourd cakes. This leaves the stone slowly and slowly out. Mix 20 grams of honey in the juice of bitter gourd and drink it by mixing stones and passing through the urine.


5. Helping to increase appetite

If there is a problem of hunger or not feeling then consuming bitter gourd will prove beneficial for him. Due to the consumption of bitter ginger juice or bitter gourd every day, the digestion process is correct, which leads to hunger.

Helping to increase appetite

6. Also beneficial in skin disease

The bitters and alkaline elements present in bitter gourd serve as a blood purifier. Baking Bitter gourd’s vegetable and grinding it in a mixer, put on the hands and feet while sleeping at night, there is no boils and skin diseases. It is beneficial to drink lemon juice mixed with the juice of bitter grouts in skin diseases such as herpes, itch, itching, syoriosis.

 beneficial in skin disease

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